In various steel types, it is necessary to apply the heat treatment process for obtaining the metallographic structure with the required physical and mechanical properties.

Silvan Sanayi A.Ş. uses the modern electric and natural gas furnaces each of which is equipped with the sensitive power regulators and temperature control units. The time - temperature controls of the furnaces are performed by means of the PLC equipments and the human factor is minimized as a result of the automation.

There are 14 furnaces in the heat treatment process section of our Dilovası plant and 4 furnaces in our Gebze Plant. In addition to this, we have also deep and continuous water circulating modern cooling bath in which the hardening heat treatment process of various steels is performed.

When necessary, for those parts whose surfaces are required to be hardened, hardening is carried out depending on quality of materials and functional characteristics of those parts. Such hardening operation is implemented by an automatic and programmable induction surface hardening unit.

All of the heat treatment process furnaces are connected to the temperature recording devices, and the time-temperature control is performed from the online computers and can be intervened immediately if needed.

At the same time, the appropriate heat treatment process conditions are determined according to the qualities for each product and its application is performed precisely.


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