Quality and precision of the casting products depend on the type and quality of the patterns used in moulding.

Patterns and core boxes are usually made of plywood, araldite-epoxy resins or aluminum material exactly in accordance with features specified in technical drawings. Thanks to high quality materials preferred by us, the patterns may be re-used safely through long years without any deformation.

The trial casting of the pattern is performed and following the quality control processes, serial production of the product is released.

The patterns of the parts are manufactured as plate pattern when the order quantity is high. Thus, the advantage is ensured in terms of serial production, manufacturing without any blur, sensitive measurements as well as very rapid moulding.

These patterns and core boxes are stored under best conditions in covered warehouses equipped with fire extinguisher systems. Patterns can be traced by serial numbers on basis of order and discipline, which is a significant characteristic of our company.

Silvan Sanayi A.Ş. has state-of-the-art sand mixers as;

  • one 60 tons/h capacity,
  • two 35 tons/h capacity, 
  • two 20 tons/h capacity. 

Resin and hardener ratios are adjusted automatically via an automation board at an optimal level.

Devices determine and use appropriate hardeners for operation period by considering ambient conditions. Thus, moulding quality is kept at the highest level.

Furthermore, there are two state-of-the-art Cold Box core preparation units in our core workshop.

All systems and equipment are installed to ensure a permanent manufacture flow through highest efficiency.

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