The melting processes are performed with 3 induction furnaces in Dilovası Plant and 2 induction furnaces in Gebze Plant. 

Capacities of our induction furnaces are given below;

Dilovası plant

•3x10 tons – Tri-Trak

•2x3 tons – Dual-Trak

•2x4 tons – Dual-Trak

Gebze plant

•2x7,5 tons – Dual-Trak

•2x3,5 tons – Dual-Trak

Thus, the melting process of total 44.000 kg could be performed in Dilovası Plant and 22.000 kg could be performed in Gebze Plant with a melting operation. 

High efficient and completely electronic control furnaces arrange power output and ensure control of such melting at any time according to condition of the melting operation.

The scrap material whose analysis and controls has been completed for melting are fed into the induction furnaces by magnet cranes. Alloys to be added are weighed by sensitive scales and fed in the furnace according to the chemical composition of the casting. Temperatures of molten material, and waiting times are kept under control and recorded by our specialized engineers from start of melting process up to the casting.



Furthermore, as a must to implement high quality castings, chemical analysis and charge temperatures are checked in each melting operation.

The product quality is guaranteed with automation systems used from moulding up to casting in our modern foundry.

Silvan Sanayi A.Ş. continuously increases the casting quality by means of combining the experience acquired throughout the years with the utilization of the new technologies.

Managing environmental responsibility guidelines, there are specially designed ventilation and filtration systems at each production line, and the dust and smoke formed during processing are eliminated. In addition to this, in our sand reclamation systems, the waste sand quantity is also minimized.

High moulding sand quality critical for a good casting surface is ensured by the state-of-the-art equipment, and is monitored by periodical inspections.


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